Struggle to get flyweights

This is something I have always struggled with. Had a couple of champs but they weren’t very good. Which country’s are best to get flyweights? I have done most of Asia but always struggled to get gyms up and running to attract anyone decent.

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Strangely, the first champion in my current game was a flyweight. It is pretty rare. He got undisputed and is now a 3 weight champion.

You did well getting him titles so quick in flyweight. I have always found it a bit of a slog getting them up rankings.
Has I.m set you up your own Scottish beta game? You always seem to have good Scots.

He was European champion in 12th fight and world champion in his 16th. Meanwhile I have great lightweight who is 31-1 without a title fight :joy:. Both my starting boxers. Totally accurate to the randomness of boxing irl.

I had a fighter ages ago and he had greens all round except for cuts which was 1. He had over 30 fights and was on top 5 for about 10 fights. Problem was every fight he would get injured so by time he was ok to fight champs had a fight lined up or he had been injured that long he dipped out of rankings. Was really frustrating.

Aw man Iv been there. That’s frustrating eh! Anything over 8 weeks injury is a nightmare. But hey, if your boxer has skin like tracing paper… :joy:

He was English h.w. If i could have edited his name I would have changed it to Henry Cooper.

Funny, that’s exactly who I had in mind when I said that!

On the topic of signing fighters at different weights, when the achievements appear (soonish) we’ve got a few that involve getting gyms in other countries (we will make sure there’s always some talent) and getting titles at different weights but also involving different counties which in turn we hope will open up other achievements and game scenarios… It’s all very much in progress.

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Had a couple of games where I had a champ at every weight apart from flyweight. Had gyms in loads of county’s and not a decent flyweight in stable. Think I have just been unlucky.

I tend to mostly stick with the one gym. Don’t know why but I just lose interest a bit when I have to scroll to see my fighters. When you have less you tend to care about them more I think.

I also try to keep it realistic for a UK gym and sign mostly Uk fighters. I think it gets a bit easy when you can sign all the novices from around the world for your gym.

When I first started playing game I was opening loads of gyms to try get a flyweight.:joy:I try to only have 1 or 2 now.

Talking of Flyweights, I’m looking forward to Sunny Edwards title fight this evening. Lad has done an amazing job at marketing himself in a less glamorous weight. Hope he can win it but a very tough fight for him.


Good shout out for him.
Must find the tv channel.

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In my last save I had 3 top flyweights all from the same Mexican gym come through around the same time. One of them fell off as he got to world level but the other 2 dominated the division for a while until I moved one up in weight. This game really does keep it changing between saves I love the randomness of it.

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Sunny Edwards was fantastic last night. Some win for the lad. Can see him dominating that division.

Thought that about his brother too….

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Yeah know what you mean. But Sunny absolutely schooled the Ring no 1. Only 25 too.

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He didn’t look troubled at all last night. His fitness levels are unbelievable. Looked class last night.
Let’s hope chisora can drag Parker into a brawl tonight. :joy: