Suddenly losing easy fights

Curious if anyone else is losing a lot more fights they should easily win since the last update. Has something been adjusted to make fights harder? Pretty much all my fighters seem to lose in shocks lately. Not really a complaint, just wondering if I’m becoming crap :joy:.

Example, this guy just lost to a guy with an 18/27 record and a ring generalship of 7!

Nothing changed at all in that respect.

The change in fight model in last two versions as been to tone down the number of KO/TKOs…

So your matchmaking must have definitely gotten shoddy :slight_smile:

We had better not remove the estimated win % too soon then…

Ha, must be that mate. Weird though, I also had another similar fighter lose 2 easy fights in a row. These are all early knockouts. Why I wondered if something had changed.

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