The sign fighter filter

Would like country to be added as a filter. I tend to just sign UK fighters and it gets a bit messy finding them once you have 6 title wins and you can sign from around the world. I know some others prefer to sign from their own country too so would be a nice addition.

That’d be a cool addition. Like you I normally stick to regional fighters when signing prospects. Maybe a filter to keep regional fighters only? Might be easier than country-by-country seeing as a regional limit to signing is already in-game

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Sign fighters is in the process of being wholly updated at the moment.

Buy the time of finishing it we have completely changed this process to make it far more interesting and varied in terms of searching and signing fighters from anywhere in the world. :slight_smile:

More details as we get closer to a proper test :wink:

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At this point I think BM is going to be a whole different game lol.

Thanks @IronMike for the continued updates

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This I like the idea of. At the moment you really only need to look every 4 weeks and it becomes a bit robotic.