This weekends Fight Taylor v Catterall

First ever 4 belt undisputed fight in the UK.

The great Josh Taylor against some English guy.

Who we all got. Anyone giving Catterall a chance here? Iv seen a fair bit of Jack and he is an awkward southpaw. Decent enough, but just can’t see what he has that can stop Taylor. Could well go the distance though.

Am going for catterall 2nd round ko. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::laughing::laughing:


Yeah can’t beyond Catterall and early stoppage for the Englishman before he moves onto a big time fight with Crawford. :joy:

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Haha what an upset it would be.

Seen The Gloves are Off?
I thought JT lost that mind battle.

JT might win the fight, but I think it could be close and tough for him.

Thought it was the worst gloves are off I’ve seen to be honest. They actually like each other so it all seemed forced. Certainly don’t think Taylor lost any advantage though.

I said go the distance to appear a little more impartial. But in reality Taylor probably finishes him within the distance. Levels as they say eh.

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I would be very surprised if it went the distance.
I hope Taylor gets the big super fight he deserves next. I don’t think we have seen him at his very best yet and I want to see just how good he is. I want spence jr to keep dodging Crawford, then taylor Crawford fight can be made.

Totally expect him to move up after this fight. Apparently his ‘super’ status now makes him mandatory for Crawford belt. Huge risk, Crawford is brilliant. But the best should want to fight the best eh.

Looking forward to this. Here’s hoping for a JT win.

Absolute robbery im afraid. No way Taylor won that.

Never in doubt :eyes: Taylor never got going really. Catterall must be gutted. Robbery.

It’s an absolutely honking decision. Sadly the like of Ian John Lewis have form for this now. Will no doubt put a lot of people off watching again

That people were predicting this was so telling.
Can’t see how you get a rematch with TT so tight at that weight though… 114-111?!?!

Nah, clear he was struggling with the weight. Can’t see a rematch. That will be it at 140. Interestingly, it may help him get the big fights. As he looks easy pickings on that performance.

He must also be considering his future with Davidson. Jamie Moore had his tactics spot on. Whatever Josh’s tactics were it didn’t work. Where was the jab!?

Feel for Catterall, but I’m sure he will get another shot when the belts are vacant. Still not sure if he was really good or if Josh was shockingly bad. Probably a bit of both.