Tonight’s Boxing

How much does Adam Smith ruin the fights on Sky Sports. Always incredibly biased towards whoever the match room boxer is.

And as for the scorecards. UK must be worse than Germany now. Absolutely crooked. We are lucky this game has fair refs :joy:

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So glad to be watching all this through Dazn. Best 1.99 spent every month. No Adam Smith bullshit, great bills very often and a superb fight archive. Plus, as not in U.K., they show most PPVs just as part of normal subscription:):slight_smile:
I cannot recommend it highly enough.

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Why does Adam Smith still have his job :rofl::rofl: he’s shit


1.99 for Dazn is incredible value. I assumed you were in the UK IM?

Though Dazn’s commentary is also crazy biased. Just not quite as bad as Adam Smith!

Staggeringly having gone from being sub-photocopier boy at Sky he’s now Head of Boxing…Just incredible.

Sometimes in the Uk but we make the game where it rains less just to stay sane :wink:

That’s certainly not Scotland then :joy:. Good for you mate.

Alas it’s been raining since Christmas here as well…

It’s actually sunny here just now. Real deal Sunshine on Leith!

Adam is a total shill, he should be removed from commentary duties, his book is rubbish too. Scorecards are b****cod too, we used to complain about decisions in Germany, Italy, etc, now we are the worst culprits.


He can write…??? I shudder to think.
Guess it’s safe to assume he’s no Thomas Hauser.:slight_smile:

Beautiful Brutality it’s called, self indulgent stuff.