Too many champs

Wow, looks like the NABF is just as greedy as the real world WBA. Take a look at the regular, super and interim champ right here. Got to get that sanctioning fee somehow I guess. :roll_eyes:

Madness ensued. Now they are up to four. :open_mouth:

This was happening about 6 months ago but they put a fix out to stop it. Must have found it’s way back in game.

Yeah I’ve seen it pop up now and again. Not always but once it happens it just keeps amassing champs.

I have it on one of my regional belts. Didn’t even notice


We are on it. Good we are in a bug fixing mood.

Not sure how that is reappearing.

That’s helpful to know. We think from that we can isolate why this is happening and fix. Thank you!

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Don’t know if it relevant but my fighter won the belt then won world title after. His names not on list though.


Yes, that’s particularly helpful. Thanks @Tony82