Top 100 Greatest List Issue

I updated my game to include the new “Top 100 Greatest of All Time” list, but when I go to it, nothing shows up at all. Is this a bug or am I missing something?

We are aware of some issues when updating from previous game versions.
We are looking at a fix for this tomorrow (we hope)


Also when ever since the fighter of the year has been announced, if I click on records the game crashes

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I also noticed that none of my fighters are included on the top 100 list



We are aware of the issue with the record screen crash. We are busy trying to replicate it (it is a conflict with a previous game version (which we don’t yet know)).

We are not aware of an issue with stable fighters not appearing in the Top 100 and have seen our own guys in there.

If you can share any more info that will help the team unravel this :slight_smile:


Are fighters appearing it now though?

No, still none. I have a guy who is 41-0 with 35 KOs, unified heavyweight champ and defended 18 times who has made half a billion in earnings so you would think he would be #1 but he doesn’t even show up

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I have a bunch of guys who beat the guys in top spots that should be at the top

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That guy should be there.

We will investigate this.

It’s same with my game and I am not starting another one :joy::joy:.

Miles better fighters and none GOAT, none in top 100 apart from 1 I signed who was already in it and 5 title fights later and a weight jump with title and his points haven’t changed in all that time.

Fighter of year is always someone who has lost a fight, once it was someone who lost 2 yet I have champions who fight 6 times a year and win with belts. Try to avoid wbc so get more fights in :grimacing:.

Still love the game but be good if it’s a fix where I don’t have to restart like the -1 and fighters on stuck weeks/fights, fix didn’t work for me so had to restart.

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Could be also because they have to retire first to be on it I think? It’s not top active 100 it’s GOAT for all time but also boxing manager is the best simulation game around and they update so often and they will get everything fixed forsure

It’s active and retired but yes they’ll fix it quickly

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GOAT at present has a bug that means managed fighter fights aren’t calculating. This Is fixed in beta and will be fixed in live as soon as apple approve.

FoY we are disabling so we can stabilise a few things.

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Bear with us here. Apple are taking days rather than hours to review app updates at the moment.

The Records fix is with them;)

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