Two bugs annoying me

If you look bottom left on top photo it’s says my promotion is 27-2 in title fights which is incorrect. Don’t know true answer but have two my top champs there that add up to more wins also have had more champs.

Can’t see the money because it’s glitched with if there active or retired this goes round all the records

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That’s for those. In short, the gym title fight count seems wrong.

The code is in front of us…

We will take a look at the jumbled text on the records. Hadn’t seen that on our test devices. What are you using there?


We will also fix that UI glitch with the stance and weight labels. :slight_smile:

iPhone 8 dk how I’ve still got one :sob::joy:

I also have the glitch in the hall of fame. bothers me the whole time. Wanted to report several times. play on an ipad pro

We are looking at it now.

We definitely have not tasted the view on iPad Pro (in iPhone mode) so will be on that and it will be fixed in next update.

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Seems to be a glitch on iPhone at the min, anytime I go to records it crashes and closes the app

Ok. We are trying to replicate this issue at the moment.