Two bugs found recently

Couple of bugs…

The first…You can see in the picture that John Wayne Shane (excellent name) won the fight. However, the comments in the ‘fight incidents’ say he lost by stoppage.

Second bug…

My fighter won everything (all belts) at light heavyweight. I moved him up to heavyweight.
His profile then stated ‘former undisputed heavyweight champion’ (despite never fighting at heavyweight). Strangely, his ranking summary in his profile showed that he had previously been EBC and WBA heavyweight champion. So there seems to be a problem here relating to fighter ranking / title history when moving up a weight.
I think it would be good to keep records of achievements at a previous weight - while also showing achievements at the current (new) weight.

As ever thanks.

We have both of those on the list and investigating particular the first one which is an odd one to find.

John Wayne Shane. Love the name generator :slight_smile: