Ugh I done it again

Half asleep and started a new game by accident. What a fanny :joy:. Anyone else committed this stupidity before? Must admit I have many times!

Wow, that’s a new one on us!!! That’s very half asleep :slight_smile:

Iv done it about 5 times I think mate :joy:. I realise as soon as I click it but even if you cancel right away it’s too late.

Not a complaint by the way. Own stupidity haha

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Man that sucks! Dunno if I’ve ever been that tired lol. Never mind 5 times!

If I’m being honest, I’m probably being conservative, it’s probably way more than 5 haha.

It’s probably because when I start a new game I keep re-starting until I have a half decent Scottish boxer to start with (with it being a UK gym that can take a while sometimes). So my muscle memory is there for quickly restarting.

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