Unable to unify titles

Hi , the bug fix has now allowed me to see champions but when I win the title , it isn’t allowing me to fight other champions ? Is there any way to fix this ? Loving the game and really appreciate the fact that we can voice issues and be answered so efficiently and promptly 10/10 guys

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We have added logic into this now so it’s simply not question of asking for a shot at another belt but rather would it happen in “real life”…

The eight divisions , three world titles scenario as exists currently in BM to our minds makes a chance of unification unlikely but not impossible. It’s also a scenario that never occurred in real life so inevitably we are guessing as to the actual probabilities that we are busy recreating.

Our next batch of work involves the following. All of which touch on this and which is why we are taking the approach we are with unifications.

Firstly better title scheduling. Normal matchmaking will have the same process as now. Any title fight however will be managed differently with more input in terms of the title body (mandatory challengers, eliminators, purse bids (maybe)

More titles, adding regional titles.

Better contract negotiations and options/goals relating to each contract.

Hope that explains the approach we are taking. As ever our players are a huge guide for this in terms of priority etc.

I have this problem. Got an heavyweight GBF world Champ and he’s constantly ranked 8th for the other feds