Usyk v Joshua 2

After an underwhelming weekend of boxing last weekend, it’ll be nice to have a big card this week! Excited for Zhang v Hrgovic and Smith v Bauderlique as well. War Usyk :boxing_glove:

Official Prediction: Usyk by TKO Round 9/10

I will go Usyk by points. Though to be honest I wouldn’t be hugely surprised to see AJ win. Heavyweight boxing eh, 1 big punch.

There is a big bare knuckle event on at Wembley on Saturday too, gonna watch that before the AJ fight.


Oh certainly Joshua had a huge opportunity to win. If he can bother Usyk with his more aggressive outlook on the fight than I think he could even dominate. Probably not to the point of a stoppage but a wide UD.

But, I also think that Usyk has an otherworldly ability to adapt in between, and even during, rounds. AJ might confuse him and take him aback for a few rounds, but once he figures it out, he’ll counter with great success. Then we’ll see if Joshua can adapt. It’s always been an issue for him since turning pro, maybe Garcia can help but I think with issues like that it falls on the fighter more so than the trainer. In short, this should be a good fight.

Never could get into bare knuckle fighting. Prefer MMA personally

It’s weird but remember very few gave Usyk a chance before the first fight. He looked unimpressive v Chisora. Amazing how a win can change the whole narrative.

I do think Usyk wins though. Big question marks over AJs ability to take a clean one or survive a war. I’m just hoping for a great fight. Don’t really mind at all who wins.

I hear you, I just find the grappling in MMA boring to watch. As much as I appreciate the skill.

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Very true. He looked out of place against Chisora. Barely looked the part of a heavyweight. He came in bigger against AJ and apparently is coming in bigger again for this fight. What makes Usyk such an elite fighter is his endurance and pace. He throws hard and at the same pace for 12 rounds. That’s a very difficult thing to do, and even harder to deal with. The Chisora fight was an outlier, Usyk didn’t have that same pace. Against AJ, it gave him fits. Can he continue to fight at that high pace with regularity at a higher weight? And can AJ be a bodybuilder while still being able to keep pace for all 12 rounds? Those are the two million dollar questions.

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It’s an intriguing one for sure. I don’t think Usyk does much different. AJ has to though. But if he goes in guns blazing he runs the risk of getting caught easily. And the first fight showed that Usyk can hurt him. Plus will he gas out if he does that!?

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That’s the dilemma I think for AJ and his team. They tried the whole “outbox him” thing last time around and got smoked. He has to be aggressive, but can he take the shots? And he will gas out, the only question is when. Can he outpoint Usyk coasting for the last 4 rounds? Maybe more? I tend to think not. To win, I foresee AJ needing a hot start, winning at least 4 of the first 6 rounds at the bare minimum. Knockdown(s) may be necessary too early on. Because everyone already knows that he can’t hang with Usyk towards the latter stages of the fight. And I just don’t know if he can keep up with Usyk for even that long.

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A fit and up for it chisora is handful for anyone. A lot of his big fights that he’s lost, he’s made the opponent look unimpressive. If aj has any chance of winning, in my eyes he’s got about first 5 rounds to ko Usyk. Aj is normally gassed about 7-8 rounds in. He needs to fight usyk similar style to chisora. In his face, cut ring off and go for big shots. He’s got to use his height and weight to his advantage. Fury is brilliant at tying people up at ropes then leans putting all his weight on them. Not the prettiest to watch but effective. Also it would stop him been a sitting duck and getting his head boxed off. Haha
But I think what will happen is aj will put a lot of work in. Hardly hurt usyk and be gassed by 6-7th round then get ko’d.
Get juggernaut in with usyk. That’s the fight I would love to see. Think it’s potential fight of the year material.


Would rather see Hrgovic/Zhang winner first v Usyk but Joyce would be a fun one too

Either would be entertaining. I had forgotten about hrgovic to be honest with you. He’s been ready for big fights for a while now. Feel sorry for the bloke.

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Yeah big fan of Zhang and Hrgovic. Would be good to see either of them get a title shot.

If AJ can bring back the aggression from earlier in his career then I can see him winning by KO early. If not and he reverts to the type of the last fight, Usyk will stop him!

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Totally agree. Usyk looking a little heavier at the press conference than he did last time around. Hopefully not at the cost of his speed and stamina. That’s half of what won him the fight in the first place.

I think Usyk wins again. Personally, I think AJ peaked quite a while ago, and might not have the deep, raw, fighting hunger that is needed to beat Usyk. I think it will be very difficult for him to find the mindset needed. Even at his peak, I am unconvinced he had the skills needed to beat Usyk - especially not this version of Usyk. If AJ did win, I doubt it would be on points. At best, I think he has a ‘puncher’s chance’, as they say. Compared to Usyk, I think AJ is too slow, lacks agility, and is too cautious. I think Usyk has a better chin too. AJ was nearly knocked out at the end of round 12 in the first fight…Usyk can do it again. I think AJ’s confidence will deteriorate as the rounds pass.
Of course, I could be wrong.

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Interesting reading this discussion as in my head I have Usyk again in the same way.

Looks a really decent betting opportunity as well at 1.6 or so…

Joshua just seems so underwhelming in his countenance etc…


Can’t help myself, need to share my predictions for the big three fights today:

Usyk TKO Joshua in Round 10
Zhang SD Hrgovic (both probably get knocked down during the fight)
Smith TKO Bauderlique in Round 4

I have a spotty track record with these public predictions so let’s see how wrong I am in a few hours lol.

The more I think of this the more I reckon Joshua’s only/best chance to change what happened first time round is to come out and a/actually use the size diffrerence/advantage and b/go for early power. Given that c/Joshua is clearly chin<12 then will say that tactics have to be be nothing like the first fight and will end inside round 1-4.

6-1 for that seems about right…

It’s been slow to get me going this one but genuinely excited now :):):slight_smile:
Can’t wait.

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  • Joshua by pts
  • Joshua by KO/TKO
  • Usyk by pts
  • Usyk by KO/TKO
  • The draw

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If Joshua can make it a brawl and use his left hand effectively I could see him winning. If he doesn’t and Usyk can move away from the right hand there’s no chance

Well… 1-0 me lol. Can’t believe that aged well