V1.00.06 feedback

Unifications still not great -
For me this is clearer on what is required in terms of ranking in order to unify from both sides By adding the text in but actually still doesn’t solve the issue.

Example : I am middleweight champion my rankings in other bodies are top 2 but then the other champions are ranked in other bodies 40+ And while they are world champ the other rankings don’t change when they defend
The best way to solve this should be using common sense … realistically like today’s real scenario governing bodies encourage unifications they don’t look at rankings if it’s belt v belt and both are free then the option should exist.

Feature request: ability to know who the top amateurs are or something to find / know who are the top talent Turning pro rather than scrolling through the whole list constantly

Also I signed up I think to be part of beta to get new versions quicker and help with feedback but so far not getting them is there anything you need me to do to get it in TestFlight ?

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We will see why you haven’t been added to the beta group.

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We are constantly looking at how things work but what you describe as the way title unifications are decided is just not true in 99.9% of examples.

As ever we have got this far with this game series through analysis of game and sport data and listening to our player feedback in determining how things iterate in terms of game play.

However, we are trying to make as realistic a boxing game as we can and that by definition means that some fights, some titles, some scenarios will not play out in a linear, predictable, clockwork fashion.

We believe that’s why boxing is as cool as it is. And, frequently, as frustrating.

We do however also balance that with what we think is good fun game play.


Looking further at this post and building our list of work for the coming week or two we wanted to clarify the rankings of world champions.

The game currently does not update the rankings for world champions. The reason for this was as a compromise given that in the “real world” it is standard (at least in boxing’s relative terms) for a world champion not to receive any ranking from other world title orgs. Of course there are exceptions but this is the norm.

To that end we didn’t want champs not to be unranked as that’s not great for game play or game understanding. However, we took the steps to not update rankings for current world champions. As the gameplay and world develops at pace we’re always keen to iterate and improve.

To that end here’s a poll so we can gauge views… :slight_smile:

  • Rankings do not update for current World Champions (current game play)
  • Rankings update regardless of whether a world champ.

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The balance between creating something realistic verse improving the crazy real life systems and processes. I think minor adjustments to what happens in real life will lead to a better game.

I agree with the post from above and have had this issue through every update. I might have a champion who is ranked 5th in another sanctioning body and even if he fights the number one contender across all orgs the champions rank doesn’t change which prevents him from moving into position to unify

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We have had someone make this change and we’ll trial it internally and then into the playtest/beta group if there are no issues with it.

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I think unifications are working much better. I only had one problem and that was a case where one weight class, it did not seem i could ever get a match between a boxer who had two of the belts and the boxer who had the best belt. Seemed that these two boxers would have the championship rating and then ranked somewhere like 6 - 10 so you could never get the two to match up, I eventually just had to move one of them up to the next weight class and the other one ended up losing, it worked once I had two different boxers that were both belt holders. Finally got the unification match. Like I have said, the game as it is i would say is 99% there from a technical standpoint. Most of what we have left are enhancements to the game and not technical issues, You always have the little things to enhance the value. Thanks for the hard work the past few months on getting the game released and these 6 patches. You definitely listen to the user,


Just to confirm, this issue we believe is fixed/mitigated by version 1.00.07 which sees the rankings of champions update rather than stay fixed.

I have not had any issues since the last update with champs and unifications. Thanks for fixing that.