What’s next for Boxing Manager?

Been thinking what could possibly be the next big step in this game. The last month we’ve had 2 massive updates so there’s no rush IM but would love to explore some ideas.

Adding Arenas and stadiums🏟 (maybe have a feature where you can add certain places your self in the options).

Proper Fight Cards :boxing_glove::black_joker:(Currently there isn’t even really a fight card in place they all just seem to be in one slot).
Arenas and Fight Card would work well with each other balance each other out.

Adding Amateur Records to new boxers you sign (I really liked TT spin on this where you have Olympians and other amateur achievements along with maybe their amateur record)

Adding Fighters Social Media📱(personally not a big fan of the box office stat I would love it to be removed add some sort of social somewhere and maybe replace Box Office with footwork or something?)

Adding Deaths to the game :skull_and_crossbones:(Sounds pretty morbid but it’s apart of life and people that have had long saves will realise your trainer can be 140 still going strong. And maybe it could be a way to celebrate certain hall of Famers on the news page)

So that’s what I think should be next any suggestions or any tweaks on what I have said let me know love to hear what people think should be next. Games brilliant your doing a good job IM :clap:t3::muscle:t2:

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Ha! We get your meaning. But in real life this would break the game. :slight_smile:

We have social media followers already calculated but looks a bit pointless until we bring in all the other good stuff that’s going to go with that… :):slight_smile:

I’d like other fighters asking me for a fight with my fighter, and the chance to negotiate better fight purses


I would love to see mandatory challengers


I would like an option to turn off the news thing that you have to click through after forwarding a week.

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