Which would you prefer?

Fury has called out AJ as Usyk is claiming injury. Would you prefer to see Fury wait and fight Usyk, or stay busy against AJ then go for undisputed?

Follow up question: who does Usyk fight next if not Fury?

  • Usyk next year
  • AJ around Christmas

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AJ for sure. I mean I would rather see an undisputed fight, but if that’s not happening this year then AJ v Fury 100%.

I get this won’t have quite the same appeal in the US, but this fight is absolutely massive in the UK. Like the biggest fight in UK history.

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Yeah bring it on!
Would love to see and anticipate a fight like that. Great call out from Fury as well. Old school and bullshit free :slight_smile:

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I’m with you. Obviously Usyk would have been my preferred fight but AJ will happen sooner so for the fans this was the fight to make. And like @TartanTornado said, huge fight for the UK audience. Might not do too well in the US but I’ll certainly tune in!

He wouldn’t lose much from fighting AJ while he is waiting. But, unlike a lot of people, I don’t think Fury vs AJ will be a great fight. Easy win for Fury I think.
Usyk Vs. Fury is a much more interesting fight in my opinion.

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