YAY! An update in App Store

After five days in a queue for review Apple have finally approved the new update (1.02.16).

This fixes the crashing Records tab at the temporary disabling of FoY

Managed fighters now appear in GOAT. (This is not applied retrospectively to prior fights)
Fighter of the year temporarily not displayed
Increased chance of negative effect when moving weights.
Records tab now opens!!!

We are concentrating on fixes and such like for the next update.

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Do you have to start a new game for all the new features to work?

Not at all.
It’s just a few bug fixes.
More to follow in coming week.

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Thanks for the fix; however, it is a bit disappointing that it doesn’t apply retroactively to managed fighters who should be legends. : (

We understand…
We wanted to get the fix out asap given that Apple are V slow to review at this time of year.

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I cant get the update, you need to be iOS 14 to update, I loved this game too that’s a shame

Oh no!

Let us review this. Apple force a lot of these changes but we will check.

What iOS version are you on?

I’m iOS 13.3 mate, I understand for the beta you might need the latest iOS but the game might lose players this way

Question - do the records reflect all of the current managers/fighters across the game or just the AI fighters in your particular world? Would it be possible for example to show @Daniel_Jarvis overall record with his best fighter and the other great fighters under other real managers on one listing?

Been waiting for this fix, thanks! I’m excited that my fighters will now show in the goat tab. I decided to buy the extension pack and just start a new game so I can get the full experience and all.


Each game is self contained and thus only refers to its own game world.

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Will there be a future version that can update older fighters? I would not like to abandon my current game and I think that it is a super cool feature.

I don’t have anyone the goat list but I have boxers that are a lot more qualified than others listed.

Sorry, I should have mentioned. I am still playing v1.02.14.4523 from a couple of weeks ago. Will I be able to continue my save with this current build or will I have to start a new game to have all the new features from the last two updates?

I’m always amazed when people are so cautious about starting a new game. They early parts of the game are the best in my opinion. It’s especially nice starting a new game after big updates.

Game saves would be very welcome for this purpose.

Managed fighters will start to appear in GOAT. Given the various issues we have had over past two weeks we decided not to have the game go back and retrospectively calculate previous fights.

Wasn’t long ago I restarted a game so not really feeling like restarting once again.

All good mate. I was more just speaking in general. I just think the early stages of the game are the most challenging and fun.

So I just checked the 100 GOAT status and my 52-0 fighter isn’t on there for some reason and my fighter who has 30 title wins and 5 loses in title fights isn’t on there ?? After update fix