1.00.05 observations

I just wanted to share a couple of observations from the update.

  1. Although new fighters will have their training to Balanced, existing boxers before the update are still showing their training to None and you have to make sure and change the training. Even if you sign a boxer, the training will not be Balanced unless that is a newly created boxer by the game that happened after the update. Maybe their is a solution of having a hot fix. You could run the hot fix to restore all training plans to Balanced.

  2. I have played at least 2 years (100+ weeks) with the update to 1.00.05 and still have not been able to unify any of the belts. It does not matter that rankings of each of the fighters who have a belt. I can only get one belt per fighter. I am not sure what is going on.

  3. I still have an issue where the game crashes when you click on Advance 1 Week. It does not do it all the time but it typically happens at least 1 times out of 10. When It crashes, I have to start the game again and press Advance 1 Week. The game will take anywhere between 3 to sometimes 10 crashes in a row before the Advance 1 week works, i notice that part of the week occurs as you will see some updated training news but it won’t go to the next week totally.

  4. The hot fix for fixing rankings that are more than 50 apart works for about 90% of the boxers. There are some instances that it does not correct a few of the boxers,

  5. This is an overall comment about rankings. I know that it is probably the area you are working the most with your Dev Ops team as it is hard to perfect the algorithm. However, I have several instances where the you have really mediocre boxers getting into the top 10. You also have cases where a fighter will be ranked in the top 3 and when he loses a championship fight, he will lose several hundred rankings and be at 276 or 350 or even 490. Also, there are cases where a fighter will have one championship belt and the other two sanctioning organizations will have him in the 20s and 30s. In those cases, it becomes hard to have any available fighters for the boxer to fight. Typically, after a few weeks I have to just move him up to the next weight class.

  6. I still have not been able to break up a heavyweight unified champion. It always remains unified no matter who wins the belt. I was thinking that was already on the roadmap for a future change,

Iron Mike, i really have had so much fun playing Boxing Manager. It is the best game I have ever played on my iPad. I appreciate your active participation and responses to your user community. Hopefully, not overwhelming you with these observations but just want you to know so you can look at for the future.98% of the game is perfect so any of these changes made are just enhancing what already is the best Boxing Management simulation ever built. Thanks again for your hard work and dedication,


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Thanks for that. As ever interesting points and we think/hope that are addressed in either 1.00.06 or 07.

Interested in 3/ as never seen that before in any shape or form.

As ever we listen and use that info as well as our wider roadmap to help on making this what is hopefully the best boxing sim.

Lots more to come to hopefully achieve that:)


As a FYI, The crash has always occurred for me so it is not something new with 1.00.05.

By the way, I am now up to date with running 1.00.06 and it seems to have fixed the issue of fighters not being able to unify belts. I got my first match with two fighters that have belts fighting each other. Thanks for getting that fixed.

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Glad to hear that unifications are working.
That’s very good news.

Been playing on .06 since it came out and can vouch that unified titles are working. Balayan was originally a LH and stepped up a weight class to challenge for Unified title.

I have experienced the crashes and logged these via test flight whenever they occur. I reckon 1 in 10 is probably a bit more common than I’m finding it, I reckon 5 times out of 100.

Overall definitely enjoying .06 the most, can’t wait for regional titles though!

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Yeah we saw the logging there but cannot reproduce. We will however find that one…

Glad people look like they are enjoying .06. It’s our favourite version to date.

A few more tweaks etc before regional titles hits the streets but we’re in the deep planning phase for that.

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