100 weeks in status check

Hey all, hope this is appropriate to post.

I adore this game! As I stated in my first post I had never heard of this game or World Title previous to downloading this based off of an article on OperationSports.

I am 100 weeks into my career after a few starts and restarts to understand the early game mechanics. I love it, it keeps my awake at 3:30am in the morning while my toddler refuses to go to bed due to teething.

I have a number of questions. Among them:
Am I playing the game properly (realize that is a relative question on sports sims, but is there anything I am doing that I shouldn’t be/what should I be doing next now that I have 10 million?)

I saw another picture on here that has billions of dollars, am I missing something in regards to earning that insane amount of money. I was happy with my nest egg until I saw theirs screenshot, lol.

Any countries I should focus on the make a new Gym? I realize it is randomized but are there any countries to avoid specifically? I realize I could expand Mexico, but there are few “top” fighters Ratings wise. In this particular world there seems to be far more talent in the USA/UK. Any way to scout countries to see all of the fighters available before I create a gym there?

I have 2 fighters that are champions in their weight class in 1 of the divisions, but I am not getting any challengers to fight them. Anything I can do to ensure a challenger? Do I need to change weight classes?

Lastly, and this is potentially a different topic: how do the devs feel about “save scumming”? If we are playing this game offline for our own fun, I don’t see the harm in it, we are only “cheating” (if you want to call it that) ourselves. I have force quit the game a few times when I have a million dollar bet on the line, and I am curious what the devs think about the behavior.

Thanks for taking the time to read my questions/answer any of them. Again, love and addicted to this game, thanks for making it!

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What a difference 10 weeks makes!!!

I made a second gym in USA to try and pick up the extra talent I had interested in my first gym, only to realize after making it that not everyone who wanted to go to my first gym wanted to immediately go to gym number 2. Luckily, the gym in Mexico reached higher acclaim (it is still listed as Local Reputation, but had American, Canadian and Puerto Rican fighters interested), and I was able to stock that side with more talent, including a few fighters that already had championship belts. It really does begin to snowball once of have a few top fighters in your stable, which is very satisfying.

Is it a bad idea to have two gyms in the same country? I’m now at a point when’re I can be a little more frivolous in my spending, but still not sure which the best country to set up shop would be.

Honestly 100 weeks is a short time. I have played nearly 500 weeks and control the game and all champions. Even when you get 8 unified champs, there is much more to do like moving your champs to a higher weight class. Here are some pointers to get champs quickly. Yes, there are ways to manipulate and cheat some but you don’t have to cheat.

  1. Buy as many gyms as possible. Get the best trainers possible/

  2. The best fighters are USA and I have 6 USA gyms. However you need to branch out. The best for me of the main list of gyms is USA, Mexico, UK, Australia, Phillipenes and Thailand. Cuba really sucks. You should look at the title holders and see what countries that are from and maybe choose some of them. You don’t have to have a 12 man gym starting off. Start with 4. But always have the best gym conditions.

  3. I am sure the other countries depends on the particular game but I have good luck with Japan, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, Venezuela, Germany and South Africa. China and India has limited success. Some success with S Korea. For Africa, I have had some success with Ghana and Nigeria. France and Canada decent too. Again of the main gym options, Cuba is the worst.

  4. Once you get gyms, do a combination of signing great unknown fighters and those in the top 10. It doesn’t matter if the fighter has a horrible record, you want to sign any top 10 fighter you can.

  5. You make more money with title matches and unified title matches. It can be a huge difference in payout. I have made over $1b off of a unified match before.

  6. You can usually resign a top 10 fighter you lost by signing him to another gym. The only fighters you can not sign are the ones who are champs for GBA. The other champs For less prestigious belts you can even sign You should start getting champs by year 3 or so. By year 5 you probably can get unified belt champs and then that is where the big money likes.

  7. I typically let my fighters fight with no strategy. I haven’t seen too much difference fighting with the different round strategies and just going natural ability.

  8. Resign fighters as soon as you can and don’t wait until you Lose then. If a fighter wins a match, you have a good chance of signing him to more matches/. I usually sign to the max possible.

  9. Grey hat methods to expedite your winnings -
    A. Purchase cash boosts. You get $10m for $5. If you can start with $50m to $100m in the bank, you can build a bunch of gyms. I did that. I also leave a slot or two open with my gyms so I can always sign a top 10 fighter who is unsigned.
    B. You can manipúlate the game by having matches between two fighters you have under contract. If you really want to make sure your fighter wins 95% of the time, you set the one you want to lose to right with the run the ring strategy type. I think I am not saying it correctly but it has Ring in the name. This is a defensive strategy where the fighter will expend all his energy and he doesn’t fight offensively. I don’t recommend it for a game of integrity but yes you can do that and win most of the time.
    C. Control your opponents by only fighting with boxers you have under contract. If you are about to lose a fighter, you can make him lose most of the time by doing the strategy listed above.

You don’t have to get cash boosts or do anything grey hat to win. It just takes longer. The more gyms you have, the easier it is to sign good high ranked fighters. Also, when you start off, you might wait a couple or weeks before you sign a boxer. You will typically get better fighters if you wait.

Good luck and the best thing is that the game won’t go stale and you can play the game for many many hours and still have fun. I’ve completed 6200 matches and had over 5000 with Wtbm. It’s the best game ever for the iPad

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Thank you very much for this thoughtful and detailed reply! I appreciate the knowledge of someone that has put so many matches in. That is unreal that you can get a billion dollar profit off of a match.

I will do a check of all of the nationalities of champions in my game and start making some more gyms.

How many fighters do you have in your stable total? Has to be multiple hundreds if you have 6 gyms just for USA. I struggle to keep track of my 40 sometimes.

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When you say you don’t care about record, just sign all top 10 fighters, does that include those with bad ratings? Anyone with a Ring Generalship or Chin/Take Damage rating in the red I try to avoid regardless. Is this wise? If they are top 10 just take them cause the payout is worth it even if they lose their matches?

You can have 12 boxers per gym. I have a total of 50 gyms but a total of 146 fighters. There are several gyms I dont have any fighters. So for the 6 gyms of USA, I could have 72 total fighters. I probably have closer to 40 fighters spread across the 6 USA gyms. You will notice that as you get really high class gyms, you can pretty much sign a fighter from through out the world. However, for most gyms, you have the best chance of getting boxers from that gym’s country. However, you can usually pick up fighters from other countries in the area. For example, the UK gym might have boxers from UK, France, Spain, Germany etc.

The only advantage of getting a bad fighter ranked in the top 10 is that I think it will help your overall chances of getting other fighters that are top 10. What I mean is that sometimes, you start out and the only top 10 boxer you can get is ranked #8 for example but very poor attributes. Go ahead and get that boxer. Make sure and get him to fight fighters that has an overall 60% or higher chance of winning. You might have that number 8 fighter fighting somebody that is a 200 or so. Thats okay. You will win and by having him in the stable, your trainer will get more experience and you will start seeing more and more higher ranked fighters.

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One of my strategies is to only fight opponents where I am at least at a 60% chance of winning. I typically will win 80% of the time if I do that. Also, I will fight with no defined strategy and just going with his natural attributes.