2 fighters from same gym fight

2 fighters from my gym fight for unification against each other and the loser has disappeared?? What has happened?

Fighters from the same gym can’t fight against each other in-game. Used to be a thing (maybe about a year ago, maybe longer) but not anymore.

When you say the fighter disappeared, do you mean from your “home” screen? If so, perhaps his contract expired? He retired? I dunno

I assumed too that he retired after the recent update, but when I follow him on his career record, his next fight is due in a few weeks? So odd

V weird. Can you DM us a screenshot?

Maybe his contract ran out then. That’s an odd one, only reasoning I can think of

I sure can, what would you like a screenshot of? Just the home or the fighter info?

The fight result and the fighters if possible.
Very odd.

Please find attached

This is Android right?

Ok :slight_smile:

Yep it is :slight_smile:
Android Google pixel 6


That’s explains my confusion as my head is v iOS heavy.

I’ll forward this to the Android team immediately.

And for those who didn’t know (and I’d forgotten) on Android you are (soon to be were) able to make fight between fighters in the game gym :blush:

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Sorry man, disregard what I mentioned before. Android version is clearly very different than the Apple version, which is what I play. Sorry I couldn’t help

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Thanks for the help!

It’s not that different anymore. It’s playing catch up but nearly there with just a couple of features to come.

Hi there Adzlay, I am the Android Developer. Having checked the code and ran some tests myself fighters being able to fight fighters from the same Gym was changed quite a while ago. Which version were you on when you made the fight? Can you confirm if you can still make fights between fighters in the same Gym or not?