$336m Fight Fee

I am having issues with a heavyweight unified champ that wants a fighting fee of $336m. In addition, to actually extend him 6 fights, he wants $404m per fight and $214m cash bonus. Not sure if anybody else has seen this before.

So once they win all 3 belts in heavyweight their value goes up massively which is quite realistic imo but yeah my current heavyweight champ is making 1.4 billion per fight now

Ok! That’s probably too much but probably not by much…

In a boxing world of just eight weights and with all, but nevertheless only three, world title belts you should see (in theory) a far greater box office take than would be the case in “real world” boxing.

If it’s as rare as it should be then it’s probably not wrong. So again In our opinion game difficulty needs increasing as much as the underlying values.

Here is the second photo. This is the same boxer for both photos.

Thanks for looking at this. I saw that Mayweather got the brightest payday ever when he came out of retirement. He got $275m. I am sure if the heavy weight division of boxing could be at the level of competition in the 70s - 90s, we would see those types of paydays. Mike Tyson or Muhammad Ali in their prime would probably be at that monetary level or they played in 2020.

I unified the belt in week 225 or so which would mean that he did it within 4 years and 3 months. Like I mentioned I win about 80% of the time and I just use natural abilities so probably we should figure a way to increase the AI. I am on pace to have all of the weight classes unified by year 5 or 6.

And is it fair to ask that this is simply because you’re signing the right fighters rather than bringing/developing rookies/novices?

The solution we are looking at for this is to simply make two options at game start around difficulty. One is as of now which is more “sandbox” and another which will be hyper real-life ie considerably harder and the game much more concentrated on the development access with signing of guys with any type of decent record contingent on a much much higher bar of success. Ie you’ll need to bring someone from 0-0 to a title or contender before anyone thinks your gym is worthy of joining.

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Thanks again. When you start off in Boxing Manager you don’t have very managers choices but quickly within the first 3 or 4 fights, you get access to top 20 talent and then from there, you start seeing top 5 talent. I think the way to make it more difficult is for your gym being unable to get top talent until you prove yourself. Maybe have a couple of difficulty levels because the casual player may want an easier setting.

I love the idea of starting with a 0-0 fighter. Maybe you have a game option that you only can add 0-0 fighters and each one would have different attributes. I still would like the option of having a base fighter that might have random attributes but you have 10 points that you can apply to many of the attributes. Maybe you are not allowed to use any of the points toward ring generalship because that goes up through more and more matches. But maybe you can build a fighter that has a more powerful punch or one that is more defensive.

If you want to force more strategy and a harder game, you might want to remove the option of No Instruction. Like I said I always use No iNstruction l and win 80 percent of the time. If you had to actually use the different round strategies, it would make it more realistic as you would have to contend with exhaustion etc,