9 Title fights in a row

9 Fights back2back
(None of my fighters)


Not very realistic.
Maybe something needs changing to prevent that happening.

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I agree mate not what your wanting clogged up titles

Very odd from our experience… haven’t seen anything quite so prolonged…

Only time I’ve seen it but I’ve seen some 5/6 fights in a row, there more common I know it’s not an easy fix but it just looks a bit unrealistic

Yeah we have seen a few long runs but again nothing so out of the ordinary. Even this, in the scope of all the 10000s of game worlds, is still possible. The trick/fun in our world is to work out if this occurs at about the right probability as in real life. :slight_smile:

When did it last happen in real life?
If it did, maybe it was a long time ago when boxing was less organized.

Maybe this is just an incredibly rare possibility that has been found in the game.

Doesn’t need to have ever happened in real life that many times:)

It’s like the throwing the same colour on a roulette table x number of times.

In real life we have one sample, each game made in BM has same equivalence so eventually with millions of games having been played that this type of thing will occur.

In fact we imagine there are A fair few instances of this up to a point where the probability becomes incredibly small but all the same at point, assuming an infinite sample size, will grow ever larger…