A couple of Bugs

Just wanted to share with you these two issues. I believe they might had been mentioned previously by others but I couldn’t find those post.

I. The number of fighters at a gym does not correspond with the real number of fighters when you open up the gym. The most extreme case is a gym I created in the Phillipines and it states i have 12 fighters out of 12 but you only see 6 when you actually open up the gym and look at your fighters.

  1. Trainers and Boxers in Smaller Countries - I know that sometimes you might go a few weeks where there is not a trainer available or a boxer available because the country is small but I am having problems with countries that were very prominent in WTBM like Nigeria, Spain and Ukraine that i can’t ever find even one trainer showing up. I have went a couple of years with those gyms and although there a few fighters available to sign, there are not any trainers. Not sure if this is the case but WTBM Seems to have had more fighters in the database from smaller countries than Boxing Manager. Boxing Manager is more heavily slanted to boxers out of USA and Mexico than WTBM in my opinion.

Here is what is different maybe about my game. I typically buy and develop a lot of gyms. You will see that I have 37 gyms with six gyms of 12 boxers from USA and 4 gyms of 12 boxers from Mexico with several other countries with just one gym and sometimes just a couple of fighters. I have a total of 167 fighters with a capacity of 294. I don’t always keep them filled. The point is i might be pushing the AI logic with all of the different variables i am creating.


Thanks for the mail.

We are aware of the second, lack of trainer issue (ie some countries don’t always have trainers) but weirdly the code here is the same as for WTBM so not sure why it should be different. We are looking at a fix whereby all countries will have at least 2 trainers.

Could you add a screenshot or two (or email them to us at info@theboxingmanagergame.com ) of the gyms and the problem you describe?
Your efforts are very appreciated.

On the difference of probabilities in creating fighters from regions and this is unchanged since the very first version of WTBM. For the record, when creating fighters we look at the probability of country first, then within that a separate probability of weight distributions.

We will of course look into it further.

Thsnks for your help. One option that might be cool in the future is the ability to close down a gym that does not have boxers. Obviously you couldn’t close a gym that has a fighter under contract but if the gym does not have fighters, having that ability might be good. Maybe there is a penalty such as a close down fee or something.

Also, it would be cool if you could change the name of an existing gym, reason being, i might have misspelled the name or something and would like to change it.

Also, having st least two trainers available would be good. If it is a country that has very limited boxing in it, maybe you have trainers pretty poor. Also, it would be good to have fighters available for every country. It might be that they don’t have established boxers but you could have boxers with a 0-0 record that you can choose. Obviously, it is a small country with little exposure to boxing, the boxer might be near a rating of one on most attributes but still it might be cool.

In addition, one thing that might be cool in the future is to have the option of a tournament. You could have the top 8 or 16 in a weight class compete against each other, maybe start with the WC fighting the 15th ranked fighter and the one ranked number 1 fight the 14th ranked fighter, in subsequent fights the highest ranked of the class fights the remaining lowest ranked of that tournament class. Maybe tournament is not available until after year 5 or so. In a tournament setup, the fights are already established and you can’t change those particular fights, I am not sure how you deal with injuries. The timing of the fights in a tournament would have to be spaced out so injured fighters could recuperate.

Finally, it would be cool to actually have an option in the main game menu to have a career mode where you create your own boxer from any country or choice with random attributes and an additional few points you can allocate to any attribute. You can choose weight class and some physical attributes such as weight and height and reach. Once you have your boxer setup, you will approach a list of trainers good and bad to work with you. Maybe it is a 15 or 20 year career. The boxers goal is to become the world Champion, you can even do a weight class change once you win one class. In addition, the financial performance of the boxer is tracked, there could be random events such as injuries and depending on the personality of the boxer, suspensions for dirty tactics or failing a drug test. You also get XP for everything you do and the goal at the end is to be a world champion who is awarded a member of the hall of fame. You could establish a leaderboard as well with all player of Boxing Manager and see which user has a hall of fame boxer with the most points.


I love the idea of a tournament!!!

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