A few ideas for future updates

Apologies if any of these were already thought of but if you don’t ask you don’t get…I’m so addicted to the game however I think it would be good if some slight tweaks were made it shows the game in weeks, it’d be nice to change to year as well as weeks, if world champions have mandatory fights they need to take, as well as adding in potential grudge matches, maybe a bit more on finances like ticket sales, attendance to fights etc and maybe reports on previous fights that your opponent has had so you know how to box against them in game rather than hoping you’ve selected the right option haha, also morale and maybe better contract negotiations would be good, however brilliant game, it’s nice to see you guys have the games best interests at heart and I’m looking forward to the new updates:-)


Also may I add, that maybe a fighter makes demands in his contract negotiations for example after a certain amount of fights I want to fighting at this certain rating or a certain big name or rival etc would be a good idea or maybe an actual 3D sim of the game and have the arena etc on screen sort of like they do with FM and stadiums?


Apologies if it seems like I’m demanding but I thought of a few more ideas, I’m not demanding at all but I just really enjoy the game an thought I might throw some more ideas out, I think it would be cool to have a sort of trophy cabinet in the gym to see what you’ve won with fighters over the years, maybe when boxers retire like a hall of game and also potentially having the option to make a fighter that’s reaching the end of his career into a trainer?


You aren’t demanding.
All of those things are at the top end of our current priorities…

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Love the game and especially love seeing the approachable/openness of the developers.

I’ve been playing this game for a few days and here is a list that would improve my enjoyment (no particular order:
#1 - harder difficulty (I know y’all are aware of this one). Too easy regarding money and wins imo. Money is too heavy for mid level fighters.
#2 - option to sim to certain dates instead of having to go thru every fight.
#3 - more depth regarding boxing organizations. Maybe this could help solve some of the difficulty aspects of the game. As a fighter grows thru his career he may gain local and regional organization titles but if he moves thru his career too quickly he can run into higher level contenders that he isn’t ready for.
#4 - more complexity around the gym development/training aspects of the game. Maybe more options for staff or individual equipment… something along those lines. I just feel like managing the gym could be a couple levels deeper in regards to strategy.

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Thanks Ben.

We always appreciate feedback especially stuff like that.

We also like the prioritisation you’ve added. More titles are big for us at the moment but as ever we add new features when we think the game balance is correct. Again you’ve rightly pointed out the tendency for the game to currently become easy.

We are just looking at the data for this to tone things down. Too much money, fighters not ageing sufficiently and Punch Power too high are top of this week’s focus.

Thanks for a great first post to our community. :slight_smile:

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I was thinking it would be quite good to have a throw in the towel option or retire you’re fighter on the stool option as when you’re fighter gets tko’d or ko’d there chin or takes punishment gets worse but I thought it would be good if when say there damage gets to about 80% in the round you could throw in the towel or if at the end of the round if there damage is over 80% you could retire them on the stool if you wanted to save them and it wouldn’t take anything of there chin or takes punishment or could even take 1 instead of 2 of there takes punishment and it could show on there record as rtd that way you can save you’re fighter from taking to much damage and make there careers last a bit longer

This is one that keeps coming up and the only reason we’ve always stopped doing it was because of potential abuse not least with throwing fights and betting on the other guy… :slight_smile:

It’s a cool idea though.

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I would guess in real life, managers (or those involved in the coaching/promotion) are not allowed to gamble on a fight they are involved in.

Maybe the option to bet on your own fighters could be disabled?


Good forbid!!! :wink: That’s one of our fav bits…

But throwing in the towel is a more realistic feature?

Currently you can still play the system by betting on your fighter to lose - having not trained him well, and/or by giving dubious tactics to follow. Not as effective as throwing in the towel to fix a fight - but would probably pay off in some cases.

Throw in the towel option Vs betting on own fighters…

I’d disable betting on my own fighters and opt for the chance to throw in the towel.

Not sure what the community would think, interesting question.

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It would depend also on the benefits/ costs of throwing in the towel. E.g. to preserve health and career, to protect skill ratings from deteriorating after a bad loss, etc.

I think the relationship between manager, coach and fighter could be influenced by this too. The Wilder Fury 2 fight comes to mind.

Yes agreed and watching comments here. It’s an interesting question.

I never use the betting function at all. One of the good things about this game is there are loads of different ways to play it.

I was thinking of seeing how rich I could
become from gambling only.

Our guess is not very but that’s given us an idea for our achievements list which will hopefully appear sooner rather than later… :wink: