A few suggestions

It would be a nice feature to add these interesting ideas to the game:

1 A search button to look up boxer names, nationality etc…
2 When two fighters fight each other more than once, in their record it would be marked
ex. Fury v Wilder lll /3
3 An improved and easier way to sign fighters to your gym, even though the fighting is not available to be signed to your gym
4 Title eliminator fights, so fighters wont have to fight multiple fights before fighting for a title while always sitting on number 1 spot
5 In a fighter’s record it would be also interesting to have their fight star rating. Meaning it would show on their record how big their fights were. (Just like boxrec)
6 also next to each weight class, A small number next to the category indicating their weight
Ex. Super Middleweight (168lbs)

Hope these few suggestions are interesting and will be to make the game more fun!!


I like the idea of an indication if the fighters have fought before