A few thoughts while playing

I was playing the game just now and had a few thoughts about what I’d like to see….maybe some are in the pipeline, some not possible….just typing a few thoughts as I play…

  • fight contracts including rematch clauses
  • Other rival gyms and managers in the game. The gym and trainer could be listed on a fighters profile. There could also be a ranking list of gyms.
  • Would be great to receive contract offers from other virtual managers in the game.
  • manager reputation ranking and table.
  • highlight fighters in player’s stable on the title and rankings lists (e.g. change the font to a different colour).
  • a coaching team including a cut man, and assistant trainer.
  • have mandatory fights
  • when a belt is vacated let the two top contenders fight for it, instead of it automatically being given to someone
  • a ‘suggest retirement’ button
  • career goals for each fighter
  • some unexpected events such as failed drugs tests and bans, mafia connections, celebrity TV show appearances (raising profile), prison sentences…etc.
  • personal sponsorships
  • Some more training plans (assigned to coach or decided by the player) with more details about fighter styles and tendencies. Training plans could depend on opposition style. E.g. AJ got it all wrong against Usyk. In the game it would be good to train a fighter in a certain way leading up to a fight. Maybe part of the game is to second guess what the opponent will do based on what they have done in previous fights.
  • When arranging a fight and scrolling through possible opponents, those fighters who have previously fought my fighter could be in blue text (or any colour, to show that there is history between the two).

Some great idea there mate.

I will piggy back onto this thread and give a suggestion I was thinking about while playing last night.

I think we really need some kind of achievement / records page for each boxer. I have one that is undisputed at 2 weights and unified at another. But you really only know that in your own head. You can go into each fight and see what belts were at stake but it’s not the same as a records page.

And I really find that banner which says the boxer is a former champion at whatever weight he is currently at as irritating as hell :joy:. I would just change it to ‘former world champion’ as a work around.


Yes, agree. It would be nice to quickly find this information.


I currently have a boxer who got undisputed at sb and am doing a pac man with him going through weights. Only moving up a weight once he has defended all 4 belts. Would be nice if it was shown somewhere.

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Great focussed list.

We will be back on to go through some of this with the authors:)

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Something else that might be good…
The year could be next to the week.
Instead of saying “week 158” have “Week 2, 2025”.
Currently it is difficult to see how much time has passed, e.g. how long since someone lost a belt or fought someone. Having the year and week would make the time more understandable I think.

While I’m at it…

…In your gym you could have the option of adding current or ex fighters of your gym to a ‘gym legends’ list.

Would be nice to have a record of the great fighters who have passed through your gyms. I would like to be able to induct fighters into my own gym legends list.

It could be totally up to the player who they indict into it, except there could be a rule that the fighter has to have had at least 10 fights while a member of that gym.


If you go in to settings on main screen you can change date format.

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Thanks…didn’t notice that :grinning: