A fight's a fight and we will watch it in a pub car park if necessary. Discuss

This is the kind of misinformed crap we can’t stand. What is “boxing” in this instance? There is no FIFA (thank god) or anything other than people who like boxing at various levels.

Personally can’t stand the YouTube guy and think Mayweather is the real thing in terms of GOAT but a fight’s a fight and we love an actual FIGHT. Would love to see this also end in a bloody mess of a YouTuber…

Best summed up as…
“Tonight we will find out if a man who isn’t a boxer, can beat the world’s best boxer, at boxing” Frankie Boyle.

Ha I kinda half respect their hustle. They are making millions for these nonsense fights. Why not if people are stupid enough to pay for it eh. I watched the last triller show (didn’t pay obviously :joy:). Was kinda enjoyable in a wwe type way. Not real boxing, and it all looked fixed, but was funny all the same.

These types of exhibition are nothing new though. Have you seen Mohamed Ali v Antonio Inoki :flushed:!

Would love to see both the Paul’s get smashed to bits though. I had never even heard of them before these fights.

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Was going to the mention the Inoki thing which is so lamentable it makes this one look like the Thrilla in Manilla.

Haha what gets me is the kids on social media who actually think the Paul’s would beat top boxers :joy:


I haven’t got a problem with these fights. Floyd makes more money and :crossed_fingers::pray: we get to see a prick get beaten up, and honestly believe floyd is going to box his head off just to hurt him. My only problem with these idiot brothers is they are cruiserweights/light heavy? They need to grow some balls and fight a boxer that’s there size. Or even a couple of weights below.