A new beta is out

Our new beta is out.
And we’ve TEN new slots for players wanting to help us test.
First come first served.

Downloaded it last night. Good timing as I have just started a new game as well.

We may well have a new game mode ready for this update :slight_smile:


What new features are in this new beta if I may ask?

Hopefully this will be out in the very near future. There will be more items than this. This is the current items in test. We will be updated at our usual higher frequency as the temperatures drop outside :slight_smile:


  • Updated Pound for Pound rankings so that titles are not so OP in determining P4P rankings
  • New game start date changed to January 2021
  • Added ranking criteria to fighter contracts. Fighters now have an expectation of their career progression and will be less inclined to renegotiate contracts until previous contractual ranking expectations are met.
  • Career earnings now shown for all fighters on Career Record screen. (note: this does not record earnings retrospectively and thus only earnings after the update are shown)
  • As requested by many, players can now boost fighter growth and development using additional XP through an IAP. Be warned this “burns” through a fighter’s potential very quickly.
  • All new games now start with a maximum of four fighters. This reduces the All weights maximum in order to create better game play and stable development.
  • Fights between fighters from same stable now only permissible for world title fights.

Are all 10 spots taken?

I don’t want to start a new game because I spent money on my current one :frowning:

So can I not match my fighters against one another now even if there from different gyms?

We have taken this out for the moment. But that will be the idea. We as ever listen for feedback.

I always quite liked being able to match my fighters especially if I sign a good fighter and want to try and fast track them to a title shot or even when I have a few fighters at the same weight I like to have a mini tournament with them but I do think you shouldn’t be able to match fighters in the same gym unless it’s for a title shot but I do think it is good being able to match you’re own fighters plus it’s something that happens all the time in real life. I would like it if it could come back

Plus in my old game at welterweight there was about 1500 fighters at the weight so it could take long time to get a title fight especially if you take a couple of losses along the way and I imagine I’ll end up with quite a lot of fighters at the weight on this save as well cause I don’t like starting new games unless I have to so matching fighters from my stable together helped getting there rankings up or it could take forever before getting a title fight

How far into that save game were you?

I can’t actually remember but I had been on it for a while the only times I start a new game is when an update comes out that you need to start a new game for. I quite like having some history in my games especially with the record screen now😂

We love the records screen and need to spend more love and attention on that whole area of the game. Also reminds us that we need to add the Career Earnings tab to that screen! :slight_smile:

I’d also quite like to see the quickest anyone has won a title on the record screen like mines was 6 fights and I’d also like to see the record for the most weight classes a fighter has world titles in as well

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