Add NPCS to move weight to become Two Weight champions

Have the computer fighters move weight divisions not all but some fighters and I also like the idea of allowing fighters to move down maybe establish who with adding heights to fighters

Also Want a fourth Belt call it GBO like real life with WBO

Thanks for the mail and coming to the community.

We will be looking at weights a lot more when we come (later on this year probably) at the other weights coming into the game. That seems the best time to give weight changes (up and down) and fighter physical attributes the justice they deserve in the game.

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Did you say you will be adding more weight classes? That would be great

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Great news is there any chance of another world title being added? Just most boxing divisions have the main 4


There’s no immediate plans simply because more titles are coming to the game in the coming month or so (fingers crossed) than you can shake a stick at.

After that then almost certainly but non-world titles will add a lot of action to the game so we will see how that beds in first of all before extending to a fourth world title.

BM Team


We will be somewhere down the line. Not sure of how we will release that yet.
We have a few other things ahead of that in the queue first though :slight_smile:

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Love the idea of Regional titles definitely an addition what keep me even more addicted to this game