Adding a heigh, actual weights and reaches

I would love to see height, actual weights and reaches added into boxing manager. I feel as though it would add realism and making in game fights more technical


Agree. I think that is a good idea.
Even better - if it could impact tactics.

I think tactics could be managed by the player (like a head coach role, employing coaches who follow instructions) or could be delegated to a head coach. Some people probably want to focus on promotion, whereas others want to do fight tactics.

The game mixes the roles of promoter, manager and coach. I think they could be made more distinct and the player can choose which they do.

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We agree.
We are just doing a lot of work for the first time in ages on fighter attributes and this is something that we feel will enhance the involvement with fighters. Styles definitely affect tactics and also matchmaking as fighters will have preferred and non preferred opponent styles.

We are just adding fighting styles as well as looking at showing fighter attribute ageing/decay. Physical attributes being shown would help that.

As to the point of delegation we have more of that on its way as we bring in a much heavier promoter scenario. That potentially adds a lot of work to some aspects (matchmaking/show building) that really do require an semi-automated approach. (which is what we’re building :slight_smile: )

We have added this as a feature request category for players to vote on.

You should checkout a online boxing manager game called webl, the way they used different heights and builds was amazing for fighter creations, also the different fight tactics for fight plans, watching fights was good too because there was stun damage and fatigue, they had injury points with an option to quit on your stool to save your fighters career, if you can adopt some of that into this game it’ll make it even better than it already is, I’m not sure if they’re still using the same site or even if the game is still going but it used to be