Adding being unified world champion

Currently when you become a unified champion it doesn’t let you know and if you lose you will just be(wbc,wba for example) WBC,WBA world champion. However if you won them and held them at the same time must mean something in my opinion. What people think about adding being a unified champion?


Yeah I totally agree ‘former unified WBC WBA champion’ would be better. It’s also still showing info for whatever weight you move upto as well.

I think it’s quite complex though. What if you have been unified WBC and WBA champion, but also won IBF separately. Former unified WBC and WBA and former IBF champion is a hell of a banner :joy:. You could even have been unified more than once with different combos. And if your a former 2 weight champ should it say that instead!? Plus everything has to fit around the space of the phone.

I expect in the future each boxer will have a separate achievements page where all this can be listed.

I’m pretty sure all this is on IronMikes massive list of future changes :joy:

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That sums up the complexity:)
We are looking at this as part of the considerations with adding the fourth title.

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