Adding Eras into Game Scenarios

I was thinking why not have eras you can start in say the 1950s or you can start in 1980s or the 2000s. What ever era your in you have the belts that were around at the time. What do people think about this one?


Love it but it would really need the boxers of that era. Have had discussions with IM about this.

We love it when we all arrive together at the next most obvious things for this lovely game.

Some sort of era and scenarios are definitely on the cards.

Just do need to get this next big release out of the way and we’ll be back into “working stuff out” mode.

Data is a big part if we can navigate the legalities :wink:

Imagine playing in the 80s and in 1985 you get an 18 year old Mike Tyson available to sign…

Of course he may need to be called Mark Tyron, PES style, due to licensing :joy::joy:

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Do you think people would play the 50s?

This makes me think it’s time for a poll…

The Ali era heavyweights would be a lot of fun or 80’s four kings middleweight era.


To be honest no clue was just trying to expand the point :joy: Id get a poll running