Adding Fighter Followers

Am no to sure on this one myself so would love peoples opinions.

I was wondering if they should add some sort of Fighter Followers similar to social media however the many followers you have may dictate how many people come to your fight etc.

Higher Box Office stat your are more followers you gain.

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Yeah I like that mate. Ties in with the boxing world today (thinking of the likes of Ryan Garcia who hasn’t achieved much but is hugely popular). Perhaps a hidden ‘media savvy’ stat (might even exist already). As it’s kind of something you have or you don’t huh. That could highly affect your followers, as could winning titles obviously.

Iv touched on it before as well but I think 20 is too easy to achieve on ‘Box Office’. You can achieve 20 quickly just by winning. But I think it should depend highly on who you face and what kind of risks you take. I’m not 100% sure what this actually means in game, but Iv always assumed it drives your fight purse.

Totally agree mate box office 20 stat is way to easy to achieve I like how you say it should be who you fight that makes you popular fighter that sounds like a great idea. Give you more reasons to take that harder fight.

Iv thought quite a bit about this previously. For novices coming through, most should start at zero box office.

However, for the clearly highly talented novices, it would be nice if they came with a banner. The likes of:

Olympic Champion (only 1 per weight every 4 years) Very expensive to sign.

Olympian (a few per weight every 4 years)

Amateur world Champion (1 per weight per year)

and why not

Social Media star (varied ability but could make you money)

These would all start with high box office.

Anyway that’s some ideas Iv had, off on a bit of a tangent there :joy:


Mate not gone to lie that’s some great ideas definitely something iron Mike should be looking at small features that would add so much to the game

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Cheers mate. Imagine the excitement of signing an Olympic champion. Knowing how rare it is. That’s just some very simplistic ideas though. They could be expanded on massively.

Thanks as ever for the high quality of posts, comments and suggestions.

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