Adding Irish Boxers to sign uk

I think you should have Irish boxers to sign when you start your gym in the uk what do people think? Just having the opportunity to see good young Irish boxers early on would be a good feature in my opinion.

Also maybe add the Isle of Man boxers :isle_of_man: ?

Mmm, I’m not sure mate. It’s technically not part of the UK so it could offend some :man_shrugging:t2::joy:. You know what people are like now. I certainly wouldn’t complain if they were added though.

Have either of you seen any good Welsh fighters? Am sure I had one a few saves ago? But not even seen a rubbish one for months.

Yeah I have had quite a few lately actually. Had a great Welsh heavyweight recently.

It’s quite funny the amount of Scottish, Welsh etc heavyweights you get. I understand why. I assume in the code that UK is heavily favoured towards great heavyweights due to current real life situations. But Scotland should really be weighted towards Lightweight / Welterweight. And Wales Middlewight / Light Heavyweight. In terms of realism anyway. But not sure I want to lose my Scottish Heavyweight champs :joy:

Had never realised the Scots and Welsh were so small! :slight_smile:
We will convert somewhere like Thailand to represent those north of the border and over Offa’s Dyke :wink:

Big enough to produce the best boxer in the uk… :wink::joy:

I like it the way it is. If the countries were properly split up you would get a Scottish boxer every 10 years or so :joy:

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I only sign Irish, northern Irish, Welsh and Scottish fighters weird thing I seem to do. saves me looking through each and every country when am signing people

I’m exactly the same mate. It’s not a brexit thing honest :joy::joy:. I just think having mostly UK boxers in a UK gym keeps that sense of reality. And to be honest I pretty much sign any half decent Scots. Even if they are not that great I can at least try to get them a European belt. This is my gym at the moment.

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Am the same lad try make any half decent Scottish fighter into something

I signed this guy who had a had a terrible run of form before I got him. 3 defeats and 2 draws in his last 8 fights. Turned him into an undisputed hall of fame legend :joy:🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Love that kind of challenge in the game.