Adding realism to your saves

As you can see in the picture above, some of them fighters names look familiar right? How about the gyms?

I’ve been laying my saves out recently to get a more realistic vibe, using my gyms as real life promotional companies and the fighters that come through as real life fighters that have a similar style to those in real life and matching them up with their hometown, height etc.

Just a little idea if you want to make your games more real it certainly made it alot more fun for me!

A good way is to have what promotion (Gym they are signed with) as their first name and then the 2nd name being the full fighters names, a nice easy way to track who can potentially face who when planning future match ups.

It also adds a little something when you see a fighter come through then for example I’m waiting on a nice little 5’6 featherweight from Baltimore to come through so I can get Gervonta Davis into the mix!

Honestly if you haven’t tried it, give it a go sometime, the heartbreak when it’s one of your real life favourites and they take an L!

I managed to get a lovely Josh Taylor regen on my previous save and he lost when he moved up to fight Bud Crawford, I was in pieces! Remember also, if you change one at the start for example your Scottish regen is now called Josh Taylor but he’s taken a L in his 10th fight! JUST CHANGE HIS NAME TO ANOTHER FIGHTER AND PRETEND IT WAS RICKY BURNS ALL ALONG :slight_smile:

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Nice. This will be fun when we have the promotions added. Which is sooner than most think :wink:

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When lol!? That’s the one I been waiting for.for a while now