After update 100 best of all time

So I just checked the 100 GOAT status and my 52-0 fighter isn’t on there for some reason and my fighter who has 30 title wins and 5 loses in title fights isn’t on there ?? After update fix Could be just me but just wondering why they wouldn’t be on it

Hey, as it says in the notes ( :wink: ) we haven’t retrospectively applied it… Time and needing to get the Records tab fixed meant that was not possible. Just fights from now on we’re afraid but better than at the moment with Apple review times and our workload then nothing being fixed.

Don’t worry his next 52 will count :wink:


Hahaha well if he gets to 104-0 I’ll probably never start another game but hey atleast it’s all fixed and pretty dang fast too so great job you guys

Can’t you guys use things such as title defenses, belts won, wins, knockouts, etc. to try to apply it retrospectively?

We can just do it but our priority was to fix the records tab crashing for some users, stabilise the game and get it into the slow Xmas Apple app review process.
We appreciate it’s frustrating but to do the retro work and test it so we didn’t screw anything else up meant we would be much longer in fixing the other more critical bug.

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When does the GOAT list update? I managed to sign a fighter who was on the list prior to the update. He’s had 4 title defences since the update and his points are still the same and hasn’t moved on the list.

Still not got anyone new on either (I know this will take time) just wanted to check that it is actually working or how/when does a fighter get points?

I stopped playing awhile waiting for the fix, probably ploughed around 3 game years since fix and nothing seems to be changing.

Still loving the game though :muscle:t2:

Scratch that, just checked and he has moved :rofl::rofl::rofl: . Must be a yearly calculation??? Definitely not monthly as I was checking after each ranking update.