Alimkhanuly vs Bentley 🥊

Anyone hyped for this fight? I’m a big fan of Alimkhanuly but the rest of the card is mid at best. I am a fan of the prospect Antonio Mireles, the giant heavyweight. I’ll probably tune in, but haven’t seen any excitement anywhere over this fight. Not a great weekend for boxing, but this looks like the best fight of the weekend. War Alimkhanuly!

Also, UFC has a huge event as well. If anyone is looking to get into MMA, tuning in this Saturday might be a good start.

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Good shout on both.

When boxing does as poor a job as it does in failing to provide good weekly product it’s no wonder people love MMA. We will make sure we turn in this week :slight_smile:

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It’s probably boxing’s second biggest problem, behind too many sanctions/promoters. And I understand that there are various MMA promoters as well, but there is no/extremely little crossover between organizations, and can be treated as their own leagues, similar to ice hockey, soccer, or other professional sports. In boxing, it’s expected that fighters in different promotions will fight each other, but politics always gets in the way. Put that on top of an inconsistent schedule in terms of weekly events, and you have the declining interest in boxing as a result. It’s no surprise that MMA, particularly the UFC is starting to gain some serious viewership at the same time that boxing is struggling to gain traction.

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Alimkhanuly took care of business, but the real winner last night was Antonio Mireles, brutally finishing a previously unbeaten opponent at the end of round one.

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