All of my Amateur…

When I’ve been taking fighters from the amateurs, they never renegotiate their first contract no matter if our relationship in perfect or not. Anyone else get this?

Also I payed real money to get fake money to sign one of the amateurs I had in the game, his expectations on the top 100 was too ambitious. He kept fighting the top guy in the ranking list and won. He should have stayed instead of being “I’m 5-0 and undefeated, I love you, you’re my best friend but I’m gonna go.”

I’m not sure if it’s just a bug but that sort of thing does happen in real life, look at Devin Haney with matchroom, they built him up and he just took off in the end, however if this is every amateur I’d assume it’s a bug

We have taken a look at this and it’s (simply) a result of the ranking expectation. We have made it more realistic.

On the flip side we’ve also sorted out the bug whereby you can sign as many amateurs as you want :wink:

We notice over in a poll we were running on the Discord server that most wanted next feature from a curated list was ai promoters and fighter approaches. We are going to love to witness the introduction of that module and the shit that will go down when a/ no one wants to sign for your crummy starting company and b/ when the big boys come along at the end of contracts and steal your guys. A LOT of game balancing to keep people cool is predicted to be on my agenda as and when we release that.

We will TestFlight this build and release this week.

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