Am I expecting too much or right to feel robbed

Been trying to start a new game for hours over last couple of days and couldn’t get a decent boxer at all. This happened loads of times but didn’t screen shot it.

Even had a few boxers that were green on every stat then when I got to see there actually stats there power was 9 or 10 and r.g was disappointing.

The top one looks doable to me. I assume he had plenty potential points?

Yeah that bottom one looks weird as hell. Would expect a lot better than 9 ring gen for good skills.

Strangely I got a very good boxer in my very first attempt last time. Luck of the draw.

Can’t remember potential to be honest. I was just sulking there wasn’t more stats in green cos I thought I had got sumat special.

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I would have taken that one. Probably get to 15 RG before his first contract renew. But I do know what you mean man.

It’s sumat of nowt. Bit of perseverance and you can come across some talent. Was getting frustrated in uk so started gym in Mexico and got 2 really good ones and could easily have picked up 3 or 4 slightly above average fighters. That was on first go in Mexico.

Iv started with a US gym a cpl of times but I lost interest pretty quickly. It’s all about getting that Scottish champion for me. I’m the same on FM, always go Hibs. But of a boring bstard if truth be told :joy:

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We are looking at stimulating a bit more action in gyms around the world. Like some kind of world tour achievement :slight_smile: We managed a great Thai gym a few weeks back. Superb fun and completely different group of fighters and names to work with. Very interesting in fact.

Enjoying doing different country. Makes a change and good to get a different selection good boxers in different weights. When I get a bit of money I normally open a gym in Philippines.

I always forget about your mild English racism.:joy:. Can imagine you at snp rally’s with brave heart war paint on :joy::joy:.
Please don’t tell me if you do career mode in fifa you don’t stick with hibs? :joy:
I always do Huddersfield on fm. Liverpool fan but hudders are local team. Too easy starting with Liverpool.

Now that sounds like a real life goal

:joy::joy::joy: Nah mate to be honest I try to avoid any politics. Certainly never been on any rally lol. All just friendly banter with me. Patriotic Scot but don’t in any way dislike England :sunglasses:. Plenty English mates.

I’m going to annoy you though. Just started a new game and look what I got first try (no jokes)

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And I once took Forest Green to the Premier Title in FM. But other than that, yeah I always go Hibs. Only picked Forest Green as they had ‘green’ in there name lol. It’s a good challenge as we are pretty crap irl!

Really like the sounds of an around the world achievement. I like starting in all the different countries, although it can take forever to get a good Canadian or Australian to start. Any chance you might make more countries available as starting locations? Especially the ones at the top of the list after you start a game like Puerto Rico, Cuba, Ukraine, and Russia.