Amateur boxing ideas

I would like to see amateur boxing in the game where you have say a 10 year how is an amateur boxer then at 18 you can turn him pro so this gives him time to. Develop his skills and craft his style I think would look great in the game and I Great feature let me know what you think about this idea for the game


Adding to this, maybe also add a feature that would allow you to rename a boxer or start fresh with a new custom character. I don’t know how the stats would work maybe randomised or u get given a certain amount of points to upgrade some of there attributes. Always kind of welcomed the idea of having a boxer that you could name urself in this game.

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Both good ideas. Iv suggested similar myself for both in the last week or so.

Amateurs in particular I think could be a really cool addition. And in keeping with the developing your own talent spirit of the game.

Data editing is coming to the game as an extra of some sort in coming months.

Amateur boxing would be great addition to the game

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We may dip our toe in this particular water in the next month.

The big amateur stuff will come along the fight show stuff which is a way off but very much in planning at the moment. More on that at some point… :slight_smile:

And yes it WILL be a great addition to the game.

Lots of cool stuff ahead of that though…