Amateur update 2.0

So I made a new save for the Amateur update, gone through a decade now and I’ve noticed that when you are turning amateurs to pros, your gyms can go 5/4, 6/4, even if you have other gyms in that nation.

Can we have an option of which gym we would like to choose the amateur joins.

Also, I noticed the contract for amateur expectations have gone to #250 from #100 on initial signing but it’s still a problem for renewal as the amateurs coming through are now starting rank #880-#900 and quite frankly it’s very hard to get to #250 or in range in just 5 fights.


Update: Looks like it’s just the heavyweight division, rest start 300-400

Update: results are better still sometimes dodgy. All heavyweights and Super heavy’s are 90% going to Heavyweight none really cruiserweight, maybe a reason why heavyweights coming through are now ranked #1000.

Definitely need the option of which gym they join. Also a history of past winners of amateur tournaments aswell as ability to change the name of your signed amateurs. The ability to remove a amateur and also a maybe

#100 starting rank for all Olympic champions
#150 for Olympic medalists
#200 for world champ
#250 for world medalist

#50-75 for Olympic medalist and world medalist depending on grade of medal

Would be nice to see maybe somebody with 20+ amateur wins assuming they stick around to get that many maybe getting a very high rank Lomachenko style. Also can there be any amateur stat progression based on medals whilst the years go by?

Some good suggestions in there for v2.
We will continue to stabilise this for a while. Big one for us is a/ annual regional tournaments (will x3 the current number of tournaments) and watching fights. We haven’t added that simply because of the amount of work to reconfigure fight screens that are already being changed substantially for an altogether better fight viewing experience :slight_smile:

Results are stabilising but again they are set against the more limited attribute view that players have. So it’s more a consequence of what players are seeing there (ie the summarised attribute view) than the result itself. If that makes sense.

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