An update for those who aren't beta testing the latest version

This is one of our biggest releases to date.

Lots of game changes and enhancements to make the game more realistic, playable and extending.

We hope the update will be available in the next few days.
So far here’s what’s happening. Things can also change on a number of areas. Please also note that to take advantage of the cool stuff for leaderboards and Game Center you will need to have a device with iOS14 installed as these features now only work for the latest version of iOS. It’s also fair to say that to make the most of the new features in this update players are recommended (but not required) to make a new gameworld to take advantage.

Version 1.00.08

Leaderboards are back. We’ll be looking to take full advantage of the improved Game Center functionality of iOS14 over coming days and weeks. ** Leaderboards only work on devices with iOS14 installed. The leaderboards can be accessed via the Stable screen.

Trainers can now be hired from a greater range of countries meaning no more gyms unable to sign trainers.
Trainers once hired cannot be hired by other gyms until sacked from gym currently employed at
Increased number of trainers at start of game by 25%.
Increased gym costs.
Fixed occurrences of negative Potential attribute in fighters.

New basic scenario when making a new game:
Availability of fighters to sign updated so that more rookies and novices available to develop.
Interested fighters now comprised of all rookies and novices in country of gym together with other developed fighters depending on managerial reputation and quality of stable.
Gym facilities start at Satisfactory.
Increased likelihood of retirement to decrease number of deadwood fighters.
Improved starting experience when using existing game world to create new game. We are trying to get to a stage where the player, whilst being able to continue to make new games can do so in the existing game world and thus preserve features to come such as game records, histories and hall of fame type things. Managers now electing to continue an existing game world when making a new game now have a much wider choice of fighters than previously when making a new game.
Average age of fighters in each gameworld lowered.
Minimum number of fighters per division increased.
Contract values of undisputed champions now reduced significantly. (prepare for losses if you have fighters on BIG contracts).

Fix to fight summary view where all belts are shown next to champion’s name.
Trainer records bug fixed and now update correctly with each fight.
Fixed issue whereby managers sometimes disadvantaged when signing unranked fighters and estimated fight fee dropping significantly on fighter becoming ranked.
Fixed bug whereby trainers time at join was incorrectly displayed after a year.

Improved fight fee estimate when signing/renegotiating contracts.
UI enhancements to sign contract screen.
Now three possible contract options when signing or renegotiating fighter contract.

Added champion indicator for current and former champions on fighter screen.
Added new icon to main menu. Blue CON indicator now appears next to fighter’s name prior to contract expiring.
Game manual version updated.
Decreased overall TKO likelihood.
Fixed double counting of title fights in fighter record.


Awesome. Can’t wait.

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