And next on Boxing Manager (beta)

Good luck with trying to work out how sanctioning fees work in relation to rankings etc!? I mean Tyson Fury isn’t even listed by WBA. Obviously this would represent problems in BM as you need to be listed to get a unification.

Its one of the reasons many undisputed champs drop belts or move up. Suddenly they need to pay 4 sanctioning fees per fight.

You are basically trying to create rules into a game form for a sport that has no written rules :joy:

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And that’s what’s made this so interesting :):):slight_smile: Imagine how this all works behind the scenes with various rankings and title permutations… Bizarre “sport”

We elected to keep all fighters in all rankings when we went to three titles. Again game play was better against the realism side of things.

I remember wondering how it would work, when you said it was coming during the previous game. Would you align yourself with one federation etc. I think you picked the right approach.

I agree. Realism is great and hugely important. But it’s a game so has to be fun.

So it’s a blend of boxing manager and boxing coach…yet you hire a coach to improve those stats. It feels too easy and unrealistic to improve a fighter just by tapping on his stats and moving them up. For me it makes it an unrealistic game.

Done differently I think you could still have the strategy element to the game - there could be other ways of adding strategy to the game that better resemble real life.

I think an example would be football manager. The manager cannot boost player stats, but they do change - as a consequence of many things.

I think the game is a little confused currently between being a manager game, a coaching game and a tycoon money making game. Maybe it could be all three - but I think how fighter stats change in the game needs to be reflective of real life. If I’m the manager, am I making money or coaching boxing skills?

But you are still just improving a stat in training, just you are using xp to do so. Way I see it is you are working for potentially 9 or so months just to improve that 1 stat. Suddenly that makes more sense.

I get what your saying re FM. Which I love and play as well. I just don’t see it as hugely different. In football manager you adjust training to ‘shooting’ and wait months for it to upgrade. In this game you wait months to build up xp then attribute it. It’s not much different in the grand scheme of things. Both highly unrealistic in terms of how much you can improve a person. But it’s a game.

From your previous suggestions I feel you want an ultra realistic and extremely difficult game. Which is great but the game still has to be fun and accessible. Me and you may find the game easy, but you can tell from this forum that many still struggle with it. It’s a fine line between making it playable to all and still a challenge to experienced players.

But that just how I see it my man. Always enjoy your comment and discussions :sunglasses:

You’re a brave man. I don’t go anywhere near training! That’s left to the assistant manager.

I get your reply, good points - and I know it has to be a game. I just think it has a slight identity crisis at the moment between tycoon, manager and coach. Maybe that’s why I suggest what I do - I’m pushing for an identity.

Ha Iv played ‘Champ Man’ since the 90s mate. It’s almost habit for me to adjust training. But it’s also kind of boring, you adjust it and then that’s it. This game keeps you engaged.

Identity is one of the main reasons I feel they shouldn’t look too much at football manager or other management games. I do get what your saying though man. Why I leave in fight tactics mostly alone, as it takes me out the realism. I guess XP does that for you.

Not sure if confused is how we would describe it…

We consciously blend the three traditional roles in boxing Promoter(tycoon)/Manager/Trainer in order to make an interesting game rather than simply one component or element.

Equally and because most people don’t know/care about the distinction between the first two the blending into a single role makes sense for playing the game. As in FM where you can also be coach and talks at board level as well as team selector etc etc. Equally the version of manager that is typified in FM is one that increasingly belongs in the past.

Ultimately the sport and its organisation makes BM by necessity a different type of game than FM.

For example, the role of Matchmakers is entirely distinct in boxing from managers and trainers and wholly alien to football. Yet it is obviously an intrinsic part of the BM experience as well as being what people assume managers and promoters do whereas in reality that’s not necessarily the case. For what it’s worth in the old Amiga/ST WCBM one of our favourite bits (of many) was to mop the fighters face and do cuts/pressure tool between rounds… :slight_smile:

Blending roles is what we will continue to be doing and even more so as the Promoter part comes to the fore in coming updates but making it realistic and not gimmicky whilst hyper-playable is where we are aiming and hopefully landing. Equally as we look at the game on PC tons more realism and detail/data is the direction we are going.

Football manager is pretty much the same in my opinion. No football manager really has any say in increasing stadium’s capacity or improving training grounds. Management games would be pretty boring to most if they concentrated on just an individual role.

What I like about this game is you can play it in lots of different way. Don’t want to be an in fight coach, then don’t. Don’t want to be a gambler, then don’t. Want to sign mostly Scottish boxers like some kilted whisky drinking lunatic, then do so. You can play how you want. Apart from XP of course :wink::joy:

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We think to remove any one would suck tbh. :slight_smile: Being able to focus on areas however to your own preference should be (and largely is) possible.


On the topic of this, we entirely buy the philsophical point on Influence that builds and doesn’t diminish because of an action or using it. Rather over time it decays. Think Don King… :slight_smile:

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XP is a strange one with regards to the manager. I had never even noticed it was there until you mentioned before. Can tell you have had lots of thoughts on what to do with it. Thinking more about it, it makes sense that the xp would just continue to grow. At certain points you can sign better fighters, improve gyms, improve influence etc. Not sure I agree with using it up and then starting again like with training. Perhaps even lose the term ‘XP’ it’s used so widely in a huge variety of different games. Influence I like.

Training XP to me is totally different. Stands to reason that after gaining experience in a fight a boxer would improve. Your just choosing what to improve.

All sounds great. Options for players to tailor their roles would be good if it’s possible. Sometimes I just want a total hands-off training/coaching and just want to run it like a business and make money. I suppose others like different features - flexibility will be great.

I’d love a good quality football chairman game.

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I think it is brilliant that the developers of this game interact so much with players, listen to ideas and give feedback on what you’re thinking. I’m sure the end product will be popular. Keep up the great work!

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You might like the fight card/build show thing that’s hopefully the “next big thing:” Totally realistic, lots less abstraction. From ticket prices and (tons of) venues . To changes (hopefully) in the way we do fighter contracts. Again towards more and more realism, getting rid of the current fixed fee per contract thing and instead managerial percentages etc and then the bulk of the extra money then made (or lost) on the promotion side of the game and setting up shows and cards of fights.

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Now that does sound good. Looking forward to it.

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Setting up shows and cards will be a great addition.

My post earlier about Sky also got me thinking. You could add tv stations. Which you could align yourself to for shows. More successful you get the better station you can sign with.

that and more… :slight_smile:

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