Android improvements

Hi, I’m a big fan of the game, I play on android, every time I read the forum I envy the big difference it has with the other version of the game (it’s normal, it came out not long ago for android) my question is, how much do you think? Will it take to implement most of the improvements to Android? thank you


Thanks for posting.

The difference between the two is rapidly closing and with the updates the team are making this week it’s now the case that the two versions are going to be largely aligned bar a few things.

As you say it’s just how it is although the benefit for the Android player is that they’re getting the updates and game dev at a far greater rate than iOS ever did :slight_smile:

It will almost certainly be the case as the two products have to by nature develop separately as we believe that native iOS is the best for the game. Nevertheless it’s almost certainly going to be the case that Android will receive some new features of the game ahead of iOS in the very near future. :wink:

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