Android Release Notes Version: 0.887.68

Release Notes Version: 0.887.68
New Features:
• Rookie Event: Opening a new Gym in any location will now inspire a number of rookies to pursue a professional boxing career in that area. This feature is especially beneficial in locations with fewer boxers, as it helps you kickstart your journey.
Bug Fixes:
• Training Plans now save correctly and will always remember the Training Plan you set for your boxers.
• Slightly adjusted the Height and Reach values for some fighters. Please note that this change will only affect new games.
• Fixed errors in Growth Calculations that were not considering certain Trainer stats. As a result, some stats should now be cheaper if you have the appropriate Trainer.
• Resolved a bug where XP values were incorrectly displayed on the Growth Screen for each stat when the Potential was 0.
• Rectified a bug that had decreased the frequency of Cuts occurring in fights. This fix will increase the number of Cuts seen in all fights.
We hope you enjoy these new features and bug fixes in version 0.887.68! :boxing_glove: