Android Version 0.887.4

Introducing Boxing Manager Version 0.887.4 - the latest update to our popular boxing management game. In this version, we’ve implemented a cuts system that adds a new level of realism to the game. Now, all fighters have a cut tendency from 1 to 20, with lower numbers indicating a higher likelihood of suffering a cut when taking an enemy punch combination.

We’ve also added nine types of cuts, including a bleeding nose, small cuts above and below the eyes, a cut nose, a split forehead, and bad cuts on both eyes. To avoid cuts, we recommend selecting enemies with inferior punch accuracy compared to your fighter’s defensive skills.

In addition, we’ve introduced a new kind of TKO - a medical stoppage resulting from a fighter sustaining too many cuts or having their cuts reopened multiple times during the fight.

To ensure your fighters are always in top shape, we’ve updated our training changes to correctly update fighter stats. And for fighters who only have one world title left, we’ve added the ability to relinquish that title.

Finally, we’ve fixed some bugs, including an issue where all training changes weren’t updating fighter stats correctly and a bug where the player was unable to relinquish their world title if their fighter only had one left. We’ve also ensured that all organization names in the matchmaking screen are consistent with those on the fighter ranking screen.

Overall, this update offers a more immersive experience for boxing fans and adds new challenges to the game.

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