Android Version 0.887.96

Android Version 0.887.96

New Features:

  • Fighter Relationships: Introducing fighter relationships into the contract menu. Fighters now perform better when surrounded by peers they like. Stay tuned for upcoming functionality to effortlessly transfer fighters between gyms under your control.

  • Training Plan Screen: Modified selection color for improved visibility and user experience.

  • New Game Selection: Fighters selected in a new game no longer default to 0 effort in all training categories. For existing fighters affected by this issue, simply assign a new training plan to rectify.

  • News Buttons: Enhanced readability of news buttons when selected.

  • News Items: Optimized news item contents for improved readability. Titles are now capitalized, and redundant or duplicate words have been removed.

  • Regional Titles: Vacant regional titles are now easier to schedule, aiming for fulfillment within five game weeks, with some variability depending on the size of the fighter pool in the region.

  • Bouts Screen: WBO Title Fights are now excluded from the display when filtered by Regional Titles for a clearer overview.

  • Fighter Screen: Added clarification regarding when a fighter can schedule another fight after a loss or injury.

Bug Fixes:

  • Various minor bug fixes and performance enhancements to improve overall gameplay experience.