Announcing our new game version

And so the time has come to announce the latest update to our game.

There are many things happening over the coming month.

From the formal launch of the game itself later this month through to the launch of this community and our You Tube channel providing our players with more resources and engagement than we’ve ever been able to offer before.

We will be opening up our final run of beta play testing in the coming day.

However, we wanted to publish an overview of the headline features of the game.

We’ve spent the past six months updating WTBM until very little in the previous game hasn’t been either incrementally improved or simply overhauling using extensive feedback from players since we launched over in the App Store over two years ago

And first the headline stuff…


  • A new Name! World Title Boxing Manager becomes Boxing Manager!
  • Multiple world titles - three customisable world titles to guide your fighters towards
  • Brand new game interface - working with our players we’ve made the game even more playable than it was before
  • New Fighter Growth and Development feature - allowing managers ever great control over their fighter’s development and destiny. Each fight adds experience to that fighter which managers can now use to. develop fighter attributes.
  • Improved fight engine! Even more realistic fight model including more commentary, cuts and injuries and much more.
  • New Fight Instructions mode! Go ringside and influence the outcome of fights with clear simple corner instructions and a total overhaul of our fight tactics
  • Improved Training and trainer modules. Increased trainer detail and involvement and a totally new intuitive training influence.
  • Huge game speed and performance increases to allow more fighters and quicker game

Looking forward to this!

So are we!

We really want to let players see it and then get on with adding some more stuff!

To do that though we need to get lots of feedback which is hopefully where this forum comes in :wink:

I am obsessed with this game, I managed to get to seventh overall in the games rankings , and I cannot wait for new game. When will the new game be available approximately?
Please keep up the good work :clap:t5:

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Hi welcome to the community Patrick.

Well done on your previous efforts :slight_smile: That takes some doing…

We can’t be precise on when the game will be in App Store. But VERY soon. Days rather than weeks, maybe sooner. News here first.

We will be interested to see how you find this iteration of the game? It’s the same, but with new complexities let’s just say…

That’s good going Patrick!
Which minimum version of IOS will be needed for the new game - 13?

Yes this version is minimum iOS 13.

I’m super pumped. I’m spending $10 on the game right when it updates

We will have to work out a way of shaking you down for that then… :wink:

That mean it will work fine on 7th gen ipod touch (not an ipad or iphone) but plays games, as it’s IOS 13?

If the device runs iOS 13 then it will run Boxing Manager :slight_smile:

Just bought, downloading now!

Welcome to our community Maiden.

I’ve had this game for about 9 months now and its the best game I’ve ever downloaded, I’ve put countless hours into creating gyms and developing boxers and having them becoming champions in multiple divisions, can’t get enough of it and this latest update sounds amazing

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We sincerely hope you enjoy this.

This is the place to offer your suggestions and feedback and we will hopefully continue to improve.

Thanks for the support.

Need to update my wifes Ipad to IOS13 then time to give it a whirl, yay!