Any Update news?

Just wondering when we will get info for a update for iOS or when a update will be coming?

We hope this week on news and release next… how about that?:wink:

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Yes!! Hopefully it’s being able to create fight cards🤔

Amateurs and stuff like that is coming first.
Then fight shows, venues and a WHOLE LOT more follows shortly afterwards. :):slight_smile: Lots for the summer :slight_smile:

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So all the updates will be done and released this summer. If so that’s gonna be awesome!

Does that mean a beta test is coming?

It might but if it does it will be short and sweet as I think we’re good for release tbh…

Do you know when it will be released?

We think this week… Fingers crossed.

When do you plan on releasing the fight card/venue update that’s the one I’m excited for?

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All will be revealed soon enough :slight_smile: There’s a logic behind all this believe it or not