Automatic rematches

It’s hard to think of instances in which any world title fight wouldn’t have a rematch clause inserted.

Or are we missing something…? Might be times you wouldn’t want to take the option up but the option would always be there.

(Assuming that is you don’t have someone like that lawyer of Whyte’s doing your contracts :slight_smile: )

100% agree automatic rematches should be in. Especially when there’s a couple of belts involved.

It seems to be a more recent thing, especially with Matchroom who put the clause in any big fight. There are still plenty examples where there is not one though, Ugas for example clearly doesn’t have a rematch with Spence.

It’s a tough one. I guess the option to negotiate a rematch clause is always there irl so it could be in the game too. What if when you arrange one you make less money on the fight.

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We think making them automatic is the key as who would not want one.

However, there will be a cost in activating the rematch clause. Or that’s current plan. :slight_smile:

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Yeah that makes sense.

Like the idea in theory as long as it doesn’t slow down the process of getting a title shot when you are ranked and waiting for the opportunity this is the boxing politics side of the real sport I wouldn’t want appearing in the game

It’s as ever a fine and delicate balance between realism and gameplay. :slight_smile:

As long as there are only rematches when a champion loses.

Yeah, definitely only on title fights. And should only be the champion who can insert the rematch clause.

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I’m also thinking if you lose the rematch then you should plummet down the rankings more, making it harder / take longer to get another title shot.

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What if the rematch goes the other way? Trilogy anyone?

As long as we don’t get this.

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That’s pretty wild! Best out of 5!