Back at our desks

After a few weeks of negotiating the various quarantines across Europe we are back in earnest.

Expect a relatively quick fire burst of updates.

Firstly in next few days a hotfix for the rankings issue some people have seen as well as some other game balancing things such as increasing effect of ageing and the odd fix.

We will continue to issue small fix type issues until our next feature release which will be a major update on titles, both how they work and more of them. :slight_smile: We also hope with the forthcoming release of iOS14 to include many of the very cool new Game Center features over the next few updates.

Now that this group is evolving nicely we’re also going to start a few polls and get those here to have a big say for a few releases. A huge thanks to everyone who has posted stuff here whether its suggestions, comments or bug reports.

BM Team

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